Export trade agency

Within the authorized scope, HUICE SCM provides:professional consultation in commercial planning or negotiation of export business, assisting customers in signing relevant commercial documents, commercial risks evasion scheme design, document facture and review, export receipts of foreign exchange(including verification for negotiation payment document, design and implementation of trade financing scheme),  export rebates, export cancel after verification and other services.

Service features:

 Risk control advantage
HUICE SCM establishes a professional legal department,invites professional legal adviser institution as guarantee, and provide omnidistance consultation and follow-up service in whole supply chain operating process from trade contract signing to  completion of contract performance so as to ensure relevant risk in trade process is identified, determined and analyzed duly at the same time it provides proposal and service of risk management measures for customers in time to implement effective precaution and control for risks of foreign trade.

Operating scheme design for all kinds of trade patterns
HUICE SCM team would perform personalized operating scheme design specific to demand and industry or product features of each customer to ensure our customers' demands obtain the optimized flow path and consequent income under precondition of meeting customer demand.

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