Service features:

Integrative logistic scheme design
Integration of international trade and logistics is an advantage service product of HUICE SCM. Because HUICE SCM HUICE SCM constructs a highly efficient, stable, integrative logistic system on a higher supply chain level than logistics, it reduces logistics management taches, avoid management blindspot and ensures that customer's logistic demand attains desired effects. HUICE SCM's professional customer manager team abundant in experience would perform personalized operating scheme design specific to the demand and feature of each customer to ensure our customers' demands obtain the optimized flow path and consequent income under precondition of meeting customer demand.

Management and selection scheme for the logistics supplier
Because different logistics suppliers usually only own a or several advantages with complex change of prices,it is very important and troublesome for an enterprise  with supply chain management as core business to select a suitable logistics supplier so as to ensure logistics demands with different destinations, different ports, different means of transport meet the best and most economic requirements.  However the selection scheme for logistics suppliers and constant management ability, which is established by HUICE SCM based on fully understanding for customer demand and constant attention for various logistics suppliers, will become a right-hand man of enterprises on logistics aspect. 


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